Boston Marathon ’08

Posted: April 21, 2008 in Running

For the past five years, John has run the Boston Marathon. This year, Shawn decided it was time for her to go long! She scored an entry through our local running club, the Ipswich River Road Runners, and started training.

Now the thing about the Boston Marathon is that it’s in April. That means training starts around December and you run through the winter which, in New England anyway, can sometimes present some challenges. But Shawn, often with the aid of her running pal Terry, plugged on through the cold and sleet. She experimented with various forms of carbo loading including wine, chicken wings, and various other party foods. She tried out new clothing, found new places to chafe, and crawled out into the weather when it would have been so much nicer to stay in.

As race day drew near, Shawn started the “Taper Crazies” – where everything hurts and you think you’re getting sick and you’re anxious about every little thing. What do I eat? How much should I drink? Where do I put my stuff? Which socks should I wear? All normal. She got through.

Marathon weekend in Boston was quite a lot of fun. On Saturday, Shawn took Grams along to the Marathon Expo where she got weepy as she picked up her number and immersed herself in the marathon crowd.

On Sunday, John volunteered at the  Olympic women’s trials.  He handed out Gatorade. Man, those are some fast women!!! 

Race day for Shawn got started early…  John dropped her at the club bus at 6:45 AM and, with tea in hand, she was off. 

Once in Hopkinton, Shawn took time to enjoy the atmosphere and explore the Athlete’s Village before heading to the start corrals. By the time the 10:30 start had rolled around, the sun had come out and the morning chill was but a memory. 

She was off with the second wave start and running in a crowd. Early on, the stomach wasn’t feeling so good and there was a stop or two for some rapid carbo unloading. John and the boys found her a little past mile 16 and that was a boost for sure!!

She slogged on and found John and the boys again at Cleveland Circle just past mile 22. This time, they had Shawn’s training partner, Terry, with them. After a calf massage from Jake, Terry would jump in to run the rest of the way home with Shawn. Thanks Terry!

Shawn rallied to finish almost before John and the boys made it to the finish line!  They arrived just in time to see her running the final yards! Here, at mile 26.15…

She finished in 5:56 – a bit disappointed at her heat-slowed performance but just inside the 6 hour minimum goal she’d set for herself and, above all, able to wear her Boston medal and call herself a MARATHONER!!!!!!!!!!!!

What a weekend!!! We are all so proud of Shawn!!! She worked hard and got ‘er done!!! Way to go Mom!!!


Bib Name Age M/F City State Country Ctz   *    

23273 Intorcio, Shawn D. 47 F North Reading MA USA    
Checkpoints 5k 10k 15k 20k Half 25k 30k 35k 40k
0:34:07 1:09:57 1:48:05 2:28:51 2:37:34 3:10:48 3:56:53 4:44:58 5:37:06
Finish Start Time Offset Pace Projected Time Official Time Overall Gender Division
00:08:31 0:13:37   5:56:42 21893 8895 2970
  1. brookem says:

    AWESOME! Please pass on my congrats to Shawn for me!

  2. Charles Kron says:

    You go girl! Oh, you already did go. Congrats!

  3. RALPH says:




  4. ironboy says:

    Inspiring. That’s you, Shawn. What you did on Marathon Monday in the Boston Marathon was no small feat; in fact, it was a monumental victory for the common man and woman, because you have proven that through hard work and a determined spirit, you can achieve whatever it is you want. What a role model you are to your kids, and what a role model you are for me.

    I knew back in early March that in spite some tough training runs due to weather and sickness that you’d prevail. It was that run around the lake in Wakefield in the driving snow-turned-sleet, where you were about to run 17 miles, longer than you would ever have to that date. The distance was a touch longer than even you realized, you were tired and weery, the weather sucked, but you held a smile on your face and showed me that determined spirit. I knew right there, just as you smiled away your pain, that you would win that battle known as the Boston Marathon.

    Congratulations, Marathoner! We are all very, very proud of you.

  5. Ann Marie Rhodes says:

    Awesome job!! Anyone can run a 3 or 4-hour marathon. It takes a really tough runner to be out there for 5 hours and 56 minutes! Be very proud of your accomplishment, you marathoner.

  6. Ed Clark says:

    Way to go Cuz!!! About the only running I do down here is from the tee box to the golf cart when it rains!

  7. Deborah Prier says:

    You’re amazing!! I’m so glad you made it. What a great way to celebrate all those months of training!!
    I’m impressed!!
    Debbie Prier

  8. CCRaces says:

    Congratulations, what a way to train for, start, AND finish your first marathon. Well done.

  9. Louise says:

    Nicely done Shawn. Marathons are never easy. They just take a strong will and determination which you have proven to have!! What a great feeling, know when is the next one?

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  11. Rob Sadler says:

    Job well done Shawn. Some member of the family needed to run it — and given that you were already in Boston . . . .



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