2009 Boston Marathon

Posted: April 21, 2009 in Family, Running

April 20th was the 113th running of the Boston Marathon.  Though his qualifying times had expired, John was fortunate to obtain a time-waived invitation this year through our running club so he signed up for his 6th Boston and 10th overall marathon.

John got up early after a middle of the night fight with expiring batteries in a carbon monoxide alarm and picked up a few friends for the drive into town to board a bus to the start. After a brief stay in the Athlete’s Village with training pals Thor and Natasha, the race was on!

Thor would run off with the fast folks but John ran the first couple of miles with Natasha…

John saw many friends along the way and appreciated the cheers from every one of them, but was most thrilled to find his own family at mile 25. They’re an AWESOME support crew and it was great to have them out there cheering!

Tired, but still smiling at the finish, John considered the day a victory despite it being his slowest marathon to date!

If you want all the gory details of the race, see John’s full race report here.

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