Posted: May 31, 2009 in Church, Family

At the May 31 service of worship at the Union Congregational Church of North Reading, Joshua completed his Confirmation.

The whole family was there to watch as Josh and 14 other 8th grader candidates completed the rites. We’re all very proud of Joshua!

  1. Thor says:

    So I gotta know, was proud pappa wearing a red suit?! A big congratulations to spider-josh. Just remember the small people when he is playing like spiderman back and forth across ‘tending the net in MLS. I expect nothing more than a front row seat. Because my oh my, Josh, dude, you’re growing up fast!

  2. Papa says:

    Josh, I know this was a big day in your life. I would like to express my best wishes. May this day serve as a source of strength in the days to come. Papa.

  3. Grammy Susan says:

    Josh, I am so pleased for you…it is a big day in your life and one you will remember for many years. I only wish we could have been there to enjoy it with you. You’ve made us very proud of you, big guy.

    Grammy Susan

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