Another Confirmed!

Posted: June 12, 2011 in Church, Family

Just like his brother two years ago, at the June 12 service of worship at the Union Congregational Church of North Reading, Jacob completed his Confirmation.

Both Grams and Grampa joined us we were all very proud of Jake!

Big thanks to his mentor, Bob M. too!

  1. Ruth Sadler says:

    Congratulations, Jacob. John and Shawn I know you are very proud of Jacob, as well you should be. He is a good looking young man and his grandmother, Ouida, would have been so proud of him, as we all are. I have a feeling that we have some nice young men in our family. Received Robby.s awards from his 6th grade graduation and one of them was signed by the President for excellence in education–also signed by Secretary of Education. Kim is pretty proud of him.
    Jacob continue living your life as you have and you will be successful in all you do. With love, Great Aunt Ruth and Uncle Bob

  2. Virginia says:

    Congratulations, Jacob. Our two 8th grade graduates (grandchildren!) were confirmed this year also. A wonderful sign of growth in your faith. Keep up the good work.

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