Alabama Homecoming

Posted: September 24, 2012 in Family, Travel, Vacation

John made a pilgrimage to Alabama in September. He flew to Mobile where he’d be greeted by his cousin Jim at the airport. They’d share a great lunch at The Hungry Owl before John drove north to meet up with more cousins in Laurel, MS. It took some of them a moment to figure out who was who again but it was quickly clear that they all shared the family bond!

Dinner out at The Loft gave them the chance to share some stories and catch up. It was awesome.

The next morning they drove to Isney, AL, a wide spot in the road just over the state border, where the McCoy sisters had grown up.

They were gathered for the interment of two of John’s Aunts, Ruth and Carrie. They met at the Isney Baptist Church and Cemetery for the “Homecoming” event.

The Isney Cemetery is dotted by names that occur frequently on the maternal side of John’s family tree: McCoy, Beard, Mason, Knight, McKelvaine…

Holes were dug, urns were presented, stones were placed, and many kind words were said. It was a bittersweet event filled with happy memories of departed relatives.

This much of their family being together doesn’t happen so often. They’re spread from Boston to California and from Pennsylvania to Alabama and it just all have busy lives. But when it does happen, it’s great.

The five McCoy sisters had a total of thirteen children. Eleven of them are pictured above. From left to right are Dale Jansen, Larry Jansen, Bob Sadler (Ruth’s widower), Eric Jansen, Kim Sadler, Tass Jansen, Mary Jo Giuli, Gary Jansen, Rob Sadler, John Intorcio, Johnny Giuli, and Jim Taylor. Missing are only Michael Giuli, deceased, and Coco Giuli, who couldn’t make the trip.

After some tearful goodbyes at the cemetery, a few of them drove just a bit further east to the former location of the McCoy farm at the corner of Choctaw County Rd. 45 and Toomey Lane.

The house is gone, the land overgrown, and the farm forgotten. But they were able to find the “cooler” by the stream and the remains of the fireplace – the remainder is long gone.

After a nice Barbeque dinner with the Sadlers, John left Saturday morning for a drive through Lucedale and back into Mobile where he played tourist and watched some football.

Sunday included a trip to Dauphin Island before John returned home.

Despite the sobering purpose of the trip, it was a great time seeing family and exploring Alabama. Many more photos are here. Rest well Ruth and Carrie!

  1. coco says:

    Thanks for the photos. I so wanted to be there. Sheding a few tears now.
    love to all coco

  2. Kim says:

    Love you John, this was fantastic! Great shots and narrative. Thank you!

  3. ironboy says:

    Sounds and looks like it was a very busy and productive trip, visits with family and even extra excursions of exploration. All done in true Dawg fashion. Love it!

  4. Laurie Bacino says:

    thanks Kim for sending us this link. I think of Aunt Ruth all the time . She was a great lady. Love you

  5. Mike Bacino, Des Moines, Iowa says:

    Very, very fitting for a true southern belle, Ruth was a wonderful sister, wife, mother, grandmother and Aunt. What a beautiful collection of photos and nice ceremony, best wishes to all!

  6. Cheryll Lesser says:

    very touching – what a beautiful tribute! Kim, you helped to create a memorable final fairwell – I’m sure your Mom would be proud!! xo

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