Winter Sports 2012-13

Posted: February 22, 2013 in School, Sports

Even though the temperatures dropped, soccer continued to be played into the winter, as usual. The outdoor season finished up with the MPS Showcase Tournament over Thanksgiving weekend. Josh had played for MPS last year but this would be Jake’s debut with MPS after coming over from Benfica.

Jake started things off right with a goal and an assist in his first MPS game helping them toward a 3-0 win. Unfortunately, they’d end up 1-2 for the weekend, with a proper trouncing in their final game.

Josh and his team went 1-1-1 for a respectable finish. Josh made some great saves!

Jake played indoor league for the first session at Danvers. The guys just have a lot of fun there, thanks much to their coaches who keep it light.

The indoor track season got underway with Jake running the 300m dash, a relay or two, and even giving a try at the long jump. Performances vary with the venue as indoor tracks range from something less than 100 to 200m and surfaces range from slick to spike-able. On the team’s first visit of the year to the Reggie Lewis Center in Boston, known as one of the fastest indoor tracks, Jake won his heat to set a new personal best in the 300!

Meanwhile, the Lynnfield-North Reading cooperative wrestling team was off to an 8-0 start with Josh too going 8-0 in his individual matches. Along the way he also scored a third place at the Pentucket Holiday Tournament.

By the time they got to Masco, the largest school in their league and a perennial wrestling powerhouse, the grapplers were 11-0 and riding high. The match was back and forth with neither team establishing a clear advantage. When Josh’s opponent made a desperate lunge for a takedown in the last minute, Josh stopped him with his nose. Though he bled all over the place, he managed to finish the match and win it, contributing to the team’s 38-33 win, their closest match of the season.

Jake returned to the Reggie Lewis Center for the annual MSTCA Freshman-Sophomore meet and ran even faster, setting another new PR.

Josh wrestled for the next month or so wearing a mask to protect his broken nose. While it spared him pain and intimidated opponents, it was also hot and limited his vision, but he pushed on, making great contributions to his team’s success. They’d finish their dual meet schedule with a first ever undefeated record of 25 – 0!! Josh himself would finish at 19-5 for the dual meet season and earn a nod as Hornet of the Week (his second of the year!) along the way. Dang respectable.

Jake returned to the Reggie once again for the CAL Championship, and, though he ran yet another PR and continued to improve his form and speed, he missed the qualifying mark for the State Tournament by just 3/10 of a second. He’s got two more years of high school track eligibility – our money is on him to make it!

The Pioneer-Hornet wrestling team went on to be crowned the Division III North Sectional Champions placing 13 of 14 wrestlers in the top six at the sectional tournament including Josh, who took fourth in his division.

Josh finished his season with his appearance at the statewide Division III tournament. Things didn’t go as well here as they might have for either Josh or the team. Josh was beaten by the #1 seed from Pembroke in his first match, and then lost a close consolation match in overtime to be eliminated. Though three of the Pioneer-Hornets would go on to wrestle at the cross-divisional All-States, this was it for Josh.

Josh wistfully surveyed the mats after his final loss, knowing this was likely the last competition of his high school sports career. We’re dang proud of his successes in multiple sports and the focused and sportsmanlike approach he brought to his efforts. Way to go Josh!

  1. ironboy says:

    Man, the boy’s are kicking so much ass that the pictures of their accomplishments keeps running and running… for pages! Keep up the great work, Intorcio boys!

  2. coco says:

    Enjoyed so much seeing these pics of the boys . You guys must just be busting with pride!!
    John I have to tell you that last pic of Josh was you all over at that age.

    love coco

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