Junior Prom 2013

Posted: April 27, 2013 in Prom, School

Josh’s girlfriend, Delaney, is a Junior this year so they were very excited to attend her prom together!

Delaney was stunning in her iridescent dress and freshly coiffed hair.

We went to Delaney’s house for the flower exchange and a few photos in the front yard. Josh was patient as the usual struggles with the boutineer ensued. The spring blooms and Delaney’s dress made for awesome pictures!

You’ll have to admit, Josh was looking pretty studly himself. (He gets it from his dad!)

Then it was off to a friend’s house for more pictures as the group assembled.

They had a lot of fun posing with friends and parents.

They say what happens at the prom, stays at the prom. So we weren’t privy to many of the details there. We do know that Delaney was selected to the Prom Court and that there were some romantic snaps from the photo booth. There may even have been some dancing and an overnight after-party as well!

  1. Uncle Cleon says:

    Josh, you are a lucky guy as Delany is a very beautiful lady and you are not so bad yourself.

  2. coco says:

    OH TO BE YOUNG AGAIN!!!!! Thanks for sharing.
    love coco

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