2013 Spring Sports

Posted: July 25, 2013 in Sports

Both boys shunned school teams this spring in favor of concentrating on club soccer. Both again played for their respective age group teams with the MPS Knights out of Woburn.

Jake played Striker for the U-16 team.  Tournaments started with snow on the ground!

Josh and his mates were the first U-18 team for the Knights!

Jake continued to use his speed to beat his opponents to the ball.

Josh continued his wall-like style in goal.

Jake’s vertical leap was another weapon.

Josh, never afraid to come off his line, had continued success in the scrum.

Jake beat backs and keepers alike.

Josh set up several goals with his long punts!

And Jake chipped a few too!

It was Josh’s last season of “Youth” soccer. Lot’s of good memories left on the pitch!

  1. Shad O'Hayes says:

    Your sons of growing up to be fine young men. I remember photographs of them as tiny people. And they have truly become like their dad and Grandad, really sincere, loving life, Intorcios. ’tis a blessing.

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