The Month of Miguel

Posted: July 25, 2013 in Family, Home

At the end of June, we welcomed our guest Miguel, from Vigo, Spain!

Miguel was among four students from Vigo who had all arranged a month in North Reading through Holidays in America. Each guest had a “host sibling” or two and stayed with a different family.

A couple of days later, a few of them got together for the first group outing – ocean kayaking off the shores of Cape Ann.

This group of four – Miguel with Jake and Blanca with host Valerie, would spend a lot of time together in the coming weeks!

A few nights later, Josh came home from North Woods for a visit and to meet Miguel. We made calzones and when one dough hit the floor, Miguel took the opportunity to create a Spanish geography lesson. Vigo is the pink star in the upper left.

Jake and Miguel took off for a few nights with a half dozen other members of the NRHS Soccer Team to brush up some skills at the East Coast Soccer Academy at Weslyan College. They played a bunch of soccer, made some new friends, and had some fun!

When Shawn’s niece, Sarah, came to visit the next week, she and John and the boys went to Gillete Stadium to see the New England Revolution play!

The next morning, John and the boys were off to New Hampshire Motor Speedway to see the NASCAR race. Somehow, Miguel fit right in with the “Bubbas’!

Next it was a couple more group outings for Miguel to visit Gunstock Mountain and its zip lines and Canobie Lake amusement park!

Back in Boston, it was off to Fenway Park to see the Red Sox and the Yankees go at it!

Blanca and Valerie joined the guys for a hot afternoon in the bleachers!

The next night, we were back to the Cape Ann shore for a New England dinner at the Lobster Pool.

As the month drew to a close, we hosted the Farewell BBQ. Here’s Ms. St. Arnaud with her son Joshua.  She’s a Spanish teacher at the High School and worked with the agency to coordinate the students coming to North Reading.  She also talked us into being a host family!  Thanks Amy!  We had a blast!

Miguel was a great guest and we had a lot of fun getting to know him and learning about his home!

Here’s the big send-off with the whole crew getting ready to say goodbye!  Not a dry eye in the house!

It was a great month!! We had a lot of fun.  We hope Miguel will stay in touch and, who knows? Maybe we’ll go visit him someday!! Adios Miguel!

  1. Shad O'Hayes says:

    Wow !! what a great thing you did together as an international family and I only wish I could have been that 18 year old visiting you from Spain cause you sure had a good time and I’m sure Miguel did too. God bless you. it was great sharing with you John.

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