SU Parents’ Weekend 2013

Posted: November 17, 2013 in Family, School

With our first born in his first college semester, there was no way we’d pass on Parents’ Weekend at Syracuse University!

We made the five hour drive out on Friday night and arrived in time to catch the SU men’s basketball team in an exhibition game against a lesser opponent that they thoroughly trounced.

Still, it was our first game in the Carrier Dome and we had a lot of fun. After the game, Josh showed us the way to Phoebe’s for a great dinner.

On Saturday, we got a tour of Slocum Hall, the home of Syracuse University School of Architecture. There was a great presentation about the school’s approach and Josh showed us his studio home and some of the cool work he’s been doing.

We spent the rest of the morning touring the campus, buying souvenirs, and having fun.

Then it was back to the Dome to watch Syracuse beat Wake Forest and the retirement of Donovan McNabb’s jersey!

After the game we headed into downtown Syracuse and had a fun meal at the Syracuse Suds Factory!

On Sunday morning, we picked up Josh and then met up with Shawn’s Uncle Cleon and Aunt Ellie, Cousins Betsy, John, and Sally, and spouse Tom. We had a great lunch at Coleman’s Irish Pub and only wish we could have stayed longer! It was great catching up with family!

Soon enough it was time to head back East.  We’re so proud of Josh!  He’s doing great and having fun. Way to go buddy!

  1. ironboy says:

    Great pictures and recap! Can tell you guys had a blast. Never knew you played for SU football. Was that really your jersey they were retiring? And Shawn a cheerleader! Love it. 🙂

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