Fall Sports 2013

Posted: November 19, 2013 in School, Sports

With Josh off at Syracuse, we only had one “kid” to follow around this fall.

Jake was up to the challenge and provided plenty of excitement! As a junior playing his second year of Varsity soccer at the High School, he won the job of starting striker. He and the team were great to watch as they improved from a low point of 2-4-0 to a regular season finish of 12-5-1 and managed to place themselves as the #3 seed heading into the sectional tournament. They made it as far as the semi finals before loosing to the eventual champions on a fluke goal in overtime.

An overall record of 13-6-1 was awesome and Jake was tied for most goals scored for the team and even picked up “Hornet of the Week” honors in the local newspaper!

Here’s a video that John made for the team that recaps their great season.  Jake is #3.

Can’t wait for next year!!!

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