Junior Prom 2014

Posted: April 15, 2014 in Prom, School

It was Jake’s Junior Prom this year – and he attended with flair!

The evening started at the home of Jake’s date, Lauren. Lauren was beautiful in her long periwinkle gown and its beaded bodice. Jake wore a black tux and shirt with vest and tie to match Lauren’s dress. They made a great couple!

They were joined by a few other couples that planned to head to the prom together. Though the intermittent rain forced them indoors for pictures, it was still really nice.

Gramsie was able to come along too so of course we forced Jake into the obligatory family shots!

There was next a gathering at another friend’s house.  This one was HUGE with maybe 30+ couples all gathered for pictures. When again the rain forced things indoors, it got a little tight.

The Grand March is traditionally held outside at the Hillview Country Club, but was moved indoors this year to keep all those hairdos in shape. Things were again a little crowded but the couples still got to show off their finery. John took lots of photos of all the couples but, obviously, Lauren and Jake were the best!

The prom itself was wrapped in its usual shroud of secrecy. There was reportedly dancing, chicken, and some sunglasses. We’re pretty sure there was a lot of fun too!

  1. Great pictures! Jake resembles Shawn.
    I remember when he was born… Oh my god we are aging 🙂

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