The Spanish Exchange

Posted: July 26, 2014 in Travel

Last year’s Month of Miguel led to a lasting friendship between Jake and his Spanish friend. Some of the other “host siblings” had similar experiences – in particular Jake’s friend Valerie and her Spanish guest, Blanca. So this summer, the Spanish Exchange was arranged!

It began with three of last year’s visitors, Miguel, Blanca, and Macarena, returning to North Reading for another two week stay. Because their visit overlapped with the visit of this year’s formal exchange students, they got to serve as ambassadors for them as well!

There were pool parties, graduation parties, people from Spain parties, and parties with no viable excuse that kept the guests busy from dawn to dusk and beyond. A trip to Six Flags, some beach time, another Red Sox game, World Cup soccer games from the pool, and a lot of fun made the fortnight fly by.

Before long we were packing the Spaniards back onto a plane – but this time their host siblings would be boarding with them for a two week stay in Vigo!

They all had a great time visiting homes and sightseeing. Miguel’s parents, Carmen and Cesaro, were awesome hosts. They took Jake to visit Santiago de Compostela – the capital of Galicia. They saw The Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela, toured the city, and saw a performance of Dralion by Cirque du Soleil!

Jake was also treated to visit at Castro de Santa Trega an “oppidum” dating back to the Bronze Age.

They spent a night camping on the Cíes Islands, part of the Atlantic Islands of Galicia National Park.

Though their bags missed a close connection in Lisbon, They all arrived home safe, tired, and excited to tell of their trip! We’re so grateful to our Spanish friends for helping make this all happen!

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