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Summer Camps 2011

Posted: August 26, 2011 in Camp, Church, Sports

The boys had the usual busy summer full of camp adventures!

Josh was the first to leave. Shawn drove him and a buddy up to North Woods Camp on the same day that school ended. He spent 4-1/2 weeks as a CIT and loved it! Most of his tie was spent on the docs as a lifeguard – but he did a stent on the soccer fields as well!

Jake joined Josh for the last two weeks as a camper in the senior section.  He too had a great camp experience! He loved taking Photography again and enjoyed swimming and soccer as well.

Both boys had a couple days at home before we stuck Jake on a plane and shipped him off to Ohio. He got to spend a bit of time with Aunt Tuesday and Grammy Susan checking out their new pool and having fun with Rylee!

Josh left a day after Jake on our church‘s annual mission trip. This year, they were off to Sea Island in South Carolina for a week of hard work for the Habitat for Humanity project there.

To cap things off… Both boys then left for a week at Soccer Plus soccer camp to get their skills ready for the fall season! No pictures (yet) but some good stories and high hopes for the fall season!

Another Confirmed!

Posted: June 12, 2011 in Church, Family

Just like his brother two years ago, at the June 12 service of worship at the Union Congregational Church of North Reading, Jacob completed his Confirmation.

Both Grams and Grampa joined us we were all very proud of Jake!

Big thanks to his mentor, Bob M. too!

Summer Camps ’10

Posted: August 13, 2010 in Camp, Church, Scouts, Sports

It was another busy summer camp year for the boys!

Jake spent the first week of the summer at the YMCA’s camp Wakanda Teen Adventure program. As one of the older kids there, he got to help guide some of the younger ones and help with activities.

Josh had about three days off after school ended before he eagerly headed off to North Woods for 4 weeks as an LIT.

He spent a good part of his time at camp on the waterfront. The Life Guard certification was a good challenge for him and he was up to the task! He proudly returned home with Guard and CPR certification.

He did mange to have some fun too! As this was year six for him at North Woods, he renewed a lot of friendships and made some new ones as well. He got in some soccer and some camp-craft activities along the way!

Half way through Josh’s stint, Jake arrived at North Woods for his fifth year at camp and his first year in the Senior section. Like Josh, he had a lot of fun with friends new and old.

Josh came home for about five hours before leaving for Kentucky with 30+ other members of our church on their annual mission trip! In Beatyville, they worked with the Lee County Habitat for Humanity team to help with the construction of a community center and church. They slept in the town’s old jail!

They worked hard through the week – painting, laying tile, installing sheet rock – all in excessive heat and humidity. They also learned a lot about the people they were with and those they were helping. It was a great experience!

The same day that Josh arrived home from Kentucky, Jake departed for a week at Storer Scout Reservation. He’d missed the week that his own troop would attend but signed up for a week with the “Provisional” troop along with his buddy Brendan.

Unfortunately… Brendan would come down with strep and return home early. But jake stuck it out on his own, had a fun time making new friends, enjoying the summer sun, and earning three merit badges: First Aid, Swimming, and Orienteering!!

Both kids went to soccer camp again at Soccer Plus‘s camp at Northfield Mt. Herman school.

Once again, thy were reunited with a few old friends, made a few new friends, and worked hard on some soccer skills! They make great roommates.

By the middle of August, everyone was ready to be home. We’ve got a few weeks at home before school starts – just enough time for some family bonding!

The Will of The Congregation

Posted: January 24, 2010 in Church

After being elected by a vote of the congregation, both Shawn and Joshua were sworn in as members of the Church Council at our church‘s worship service on January 24th. With Shawn also serving as Chair of the Finance Committee, John serving as Trustee of Funds, and Jake getting ready for Confirmation next year, we’re pretty involved with our church these days!

Escape to the Mountains

Posted: June 29, 2009 in Church, Hikes

Some volunteers from our church put together a weekend long retreat that they called the “Escape to the Mountains“. John helped out with some of the planning and communications and volunteered to lead one of the hikes.  So on a damp June Friday night, we packed up the car and headed north.

We stopped at Gordi’s in Lincoln for a bite on the way up and then finished the 160 mile drive to the Horton Center on Pine Mountain just north of Pinkham Notch and Mount Washington. Friday night was pretty much about making plans for Saturday and getting to bed – so we did.

Saturday morning, our large group of 60 or so broke into a number of smaller groups to take on hikes of varying difficulties. John would lead the most challenging hike – a 3,200′ climb on the Carter-Moriah Trail to the top of 4,049′ Mount Moriah. Nine hikers, including Josh and John, would make the 9 mile, 7-1/2 hour round trip hike, puting another notch in their four thousand footer list along the way!!  They made the summit and enjoyed their lunch dry, but were rained upon for most of the decent.  They kept spirits high though and had a blast!

At the same time, Jake made a trip with another group on the Imp Face loop. He thought the pace was a little slow but had a blast talking with his buddy David.  Shawn, meanwhile, still nursing her knee, made a shorter hike to the top of Pine Mountain – just long enough to get drenched in the rain!

Upon return to camp, there was dinner, a cool worship service at Chapel Rock, and a big fun campfire with plenty of singing and s’mores. It was a great time to get to know some of our church friends better and to share in the spirit of the weekend!

Sunday morning we were greeted by another cloudy, wet morning but popped up early to cook breakfast and then, after Jake found a cool Luna Moth, we made a leisurely ride home with a stop at the LL Bean Outlet in North Conway.

Overall, it was an awesome trip!  (Many more pictures here!) We got some great exercise in the fresh mountain air, grew our friendships and our spirits, and had a lot of fun! Can’t wait to do it again!


Posted: May 31, 2009 in Church, Family

At the May 31 service of worship at the Union Congregational Church of North Reading, Joshua completed his Confirmation.

The whole family was there to watch as Josh and 14 other 8th grader candidates completed the rites. We’re all very proud of Joshua!

Topsfield Fair

Posted: October 16, 2008 in Church

Josh attended the Topsfield Fair with the church Youth Group this year. They had a blast…

Scout Sunday

Posted: February 3, 2008 in Church, Family, Scouts

A scout is reverent.

And a father is proud when he gets to go to Scout Sunday service with  his two boys.