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John’s Hog

Posted: August 26, 2010 in Motorcycles

It’s true that John had delivered Shawn’s 50th birthday present a month or so early. So, not to be outdone, Shawn managed to deliver John’s 50th birthday present 3-1/2 months early!

For a number of years, John had been indicating that he’d wanted a motorcycle for his 50th. He’d even made preparations to be sure he’d be ready! So, as the day drew near, Shawn and John began to look at some specific models that John was interested in and pretty soon they’d narrowed things down to the Harley Davidson Fat Bob.

This summer, a local dealer had a 2008 model in stock with some nifty customizations that caught John’s eye. Sure enough, Shawn realized that getting a new bike in December was sub-optimal so she pushed things a bit and managed to close a deal. So, shortly after mid-summer, John rode off on his brand new (used) 2008 Harley-Davidson Dyna Fat Bob, ready to take on the world!

John was pretty darn pleased. He even tried to buy Shawn one of them nifty leather halter tops at the dealer so she could ride on the back – but… Maybe that’ll come on his 60th!?!?!?

It’s a great bike and a great gift. John’s really excited and grateful! Now, if he can just get the battery to hold a charge…

Lookin’ for Adventure

Posted: September 4, 2009 in Motorcycles

For a while now, John’s been telling Shawn that for his 50th birthday and associated mid-life crisis, she’d be buying him a motorcycle. While still over a year away from the actual crisis, having not ridden a motorcycle in about 30 years (and that was dirt-bikes in the woods and gravel pits), John began this summer to prepare for the event.

Step 1 was the motorcycle Learner’s Permit. After a little bit of on-line study, John trundled off to the RMV filled with confidence. The first question on the exam had to do with how long one would lose one’s license for a drug offense. No clue. The second had to do with the fine to expect for violating the rules of the Learner’s Permit. What the heck? Fortunately, he managed to find enough questions that actually had to do with rules of the road to pass the test.

Step 2 was the Motorcycle Safety Course. John spent half of a sunny summer Saturday in a classroom and two mornings the following week doing drills in a large parking lot. Along the way he picked up some operational basics, some safety tips, and a little bit of riding confidence. He also walked away qualified for his Massachusetts Motorcycle License.

Step 3 was scanning the want-ads for a good deal on a “starter bike” on which he could gather some road experience before stepping up to a “real” motorcycle. He found what might have been a steal in the form of a 1993 Honda CB250 Nighthawk for $500. This was the same type of bike he’d used in the safety program: lightweight, comfortable, standard, simple – it was the perfect bike to learn on. It was going cheap as the motor didn’t run – a minor inconvenience. But except for one ding in the tank and a scuff here and there, it looked mechanically sound and John took a risk. Our neighbor Danny helped John haul it home in his truck. It would prove a worthy risk as, with a new battery, some fresh fluids, and a few tweaks and adjustments, John quickly got the bike running and ready to ride!

But not quite. The unexpected Step 4 involved straightening out the title snafu caused by the fact that the guy who had sold the bike to John had never really taken legal possession of it. Fortunately, the guy made an earnest effort to make things right and after a few trips to the registry and a couple of weeks of agonizing wait, the sale was legally completed and registered and the plate was finally attached! The bike was rolled from the shed and onto the highway!

So he’s on the road!  Clear the sidewalks! Prepare for heavy metal thunder! And you really better take cover next year!