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Senior Prom 2015

Posted: June 3, 2015 in Family, Prom

It’s Jake’s senior year and (most likely) our last prom!

The lacrosse team got out of pre-tournament practice a bit later than expected and there was traffic and rain and everybody was a bit rushed but nonetheless showed up at a friends house for the pre-prom prep and pictures.

Jake waited patiently for his date, Rachael, to arrive. She did, with a full entourage keeping the rain off her beautiful dress.

Flowers were pinned and re-pinned and shown off and photographed before they all piled into the party bus for a trip to the high school for the Grand March – relocated indoors because of the weather.

The prom itself is, of course, shrouded in mystery. We did see a couple pictures pop out, including this shot of lacrosse players and their manager, Rachael.

We’re pretty sure they all had a good time!

Senior Prom 2014

Posted: June 3, 2014 in Prom, School

On a warm June evening, Jake had the honor of escorting Ms. Rachel Roberts to her senior prom.

The evening started at Rachel’s house for flowers and photos. Rachel, her twin sister Nicole, and a few other couples posed and laughed and primped.

And, of course, we had the obligatory family shots.

Next it was into the stretch limo for the couples and a short trip to Ipswich River Park for the Grand March.

Back into the limo and off to The Tewksbury Country Club for an evening of fun, the couples were on their own. Reports are sparse from the tight-lipped revelers but we’re pretty sure a good time was had by all!

Junior Prom 2014

Posted: April 15, 2014 in Prom, School

It was Jake’s Junior Prom this year – and he attended with flair!

The evening started at the home of Jake’s date, Lauren. Lauren was beautiful in her long periwinkle gown and its beaded bodice. Jake wore a black tux and shirt with vest and tie to match Lauren’s dress. They made a great couple!

They were joined by a few other couples that planned to head to the prom together. Though the intermittent rain forced them indoors for pictures, it was still really nice.

Gramsie was able to come along too so of course we forced Jake into the obligatory family shots!

There was next a gathering at another friend’s house.  This one was HUGE with maybe 30+ couples all gathered for pictures. When again the rain forced things indoors, it got a little tight.

The Grand March is traditionally held outside at the Hillview Country Club, but was moved indoors this year to keep all those hairdos in shape. Things were again a little crowded but the couples still got to show off their finery. John took lots of photos of all the couples but, obviously, Lauren and Jake were the best!

The prom itself was wrapped in its usual shroud of secrecy. There was reportedly dancing, chicken, and some sunglasses. We’re pretty sure there was a lot of fun too!

2013 Senior Prom

Posted: June 4, 2013 in Prom

Josh invited his girlfriend, Delaney, to attend his Senior Prom with him. In part because she looked so great at the Junior Prom, we all thought it was an excellent choice!

They and five other couples met up at a friend’s house for the perfunctory pre-prom pictures. We got shots of him, and her, and him and her, and him and the guys, and her and the girls…  We thought they ALL looked pretty nice!

Then it was time to get into the limo and head to the Grand March except… No limo!  (Never ever book Sunset Limousine of Boston!!) They were stood up. The limo was “on the way” and then there was no driver. Must have gotten a better offer! Panic ensued but rides were arranged and everyone made it to the Grand March at Ipswich River Park.

Josh and Delaney looked awesome.  There were many beautiful gowns and handsome guys!

After the promenade. rides to the prom were quickly sorted out and everyone resolved not to let the dirtball limo company (Did we mention it was Sunset Limousine? Don’t use them!) spoil the evening.

Reports from within the prom were sparse – but we’re pretty sure they had a good time! They said the DJ was excellent, there was a lot of dancing, and the food was “pretty good”.

By the time the prom was over, alternative arrangements were made and a limo was waiting to bring everyone to the site of the overnight party. Big thanks to the parents of Josh’s buddy Mike B. for hosting what was reported as a fun time! all in all – a great night!

Junior Prom 2013

Posted: April 27, 2013 in Prom, School

Josh’s girlfriend, Delaney, is a Junior this year so they were very excited to attend her prom together!

Delaney was stunning in her iridescent dress and freshly coiffed hair.

We went to Delaney’s house for the flower exchange and a few photos in the front yard. Josh was patient as the usual struggles with the boutineer ensued. The spring blooms and Delaney’s dress made for awesome pictures!

You’ll have to admit, Josh was looking pretty studly himself. (He gets it from his dad!)

Then it was off to a friend’s house for more pictures as the group assembled.

They had a lot of fun posing with friends and parents.

They say what happens at the prom, stays at the prom. So we weren’t privy to many of the details there. We do know that Delaney was selected to the Prom Court and that there were some romantic snaps from the photo booth. There may even have been some dancing and an overnight after-party as well!

2012 Prom Two

Posted: June 7, 2012 in Prom, School

As if one prom wasn’t enough, Josh attended the North Reading High School Senior Prom with his pal Becca. They gathered with several other couples at a friend’s house for pictures and preparations before jumping into the limo bus with a few close buddies…

They headed off to the Black Swan Country Club for an evening of dining and dancing. What happens at the prom stays at the prom but reports are that all had a good time before returning to town for the closely-chaperoned overnight post-party at another friend’s house.

Though the seniors took the day off, Josh, being a Junior, had to get up and make to to school the next morning. We’re pretty sure he thinks it was all worth it!

Junior Prom 2012

Posted: April 28, 2012 in Prom, School

The story was not immediately forthcoming. It wasn’t till chatting with another parent that we heard about how Josh invited his date, Madison, to the Junior Prom. There was at least one balloon and some chocolate involved and clearly, it worked.

Josh and a buddy got dressed at our place and, looking quite sharp making Mom quite proud. They made the trip to a local country club where they’d meet up with friends and dates.

Maddie showed up shortly thereafter looking stunning in her flowery dress that waved in the cold breeze. Corsages were exchanged and Dad stepped in for just a moment to make things secure.

The girls in the colorful dresses radiated in the late afternoon sun!

The boys, as always, were just a bunch of knuckleheads.

But you put them together and… They look pretty darn good!

We took countless pictures to create an album that would rival your typical wedding before sending the happy couple off to the Hillview for the Grand March and the Prom itself. What happens at the Prom, stays at the Prom but… We heard they all had a good time.