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John’s 35th

Posted: June 10, 2013 in Reunion, School

John attended his 35th High School reunion this spring out at Williston-Northampton. As they did at their 30th, the Class of ’78 had a small but enthusiastic crowd.

A beautiful spring Saturday afternoon was filled with remembrances, re-uniting with teachers and friends from nearby classes, cupcakes, and champagne, and many shared stories of teenage experience.

Evening brought cocktails and dinner under the tent. Old friendships were re-kindled – some feeling even closer than they did back in 1978.

There was even a little dancing as the Del ViCounts rocked the quad!

As the party waned and we gathered in an (electronic) candle-lit circle for the last time, we shared more stories and became closer still.  And we hatched a plan!  40 for 40 – forty classmates recruited to attend our 40th reunion in 2018. Won’t that be awesome!

Croton-Harmon Class of ’78

Posted: August 3, 2008 in Family, Reunion

Even though she’d moved away at the end of her junior year, Shawn still considers Croton-Harmon High School as her school. So when the Class of 1978 got together at the start of August to celebrate its 30th reunion, we knew we had to be there!

Though the festivities reportedly began on Friday night, we joined the fun for a Saturday afternoon family picnic at beautiful Croton Point Park. A caterer brought in way too much food and we all had a great afternoon in the park!!  (Many thanks to the organizers!!)

We arrived in a torrential downpour that threatened to wash away the entire point – but the weather soon cleared and we had great fun, great food, and a great time visiting with Shawn’s classmates! While the boys kicked around a soccer ball and enjoyed the riverside views, Shawn caught up with class happenings.

Later that evening, after abandoning the children at the hotel with a pizza, Shawn and John returned to the Croton Yacht Club for an evening of food and music.

As the band began to play and the sun began to sink, more and more stories came out about the happenings back in old Croton and of the days that followed. Some stories were amusing, some happy, a few sad – but all enjoyable.

Shawn had a great time visiting with her old friends and even some that weren’t friends back in the day but now seem to share a common bond and are fun to party with!

WNS ’78 in 2008

Posted: June 8, 2008 in Reunion

John attended his class’s 30th High School reunion in June. He traveled out to the Williston Northampton campus for a day of fun and friendship!

It’s always amazing how close old friends can seem when they get back together.  John had known a few of these folks since fifth grade – like Charlie, who he also went through scout adventures with, and Debbie, who he had a crush on for years.  Others, he’d never been that close with back in the day, but now they seem like comfortable old friends. Thanks for the good times!