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We were off to North Carolina in May for the long awaited wedding of Shawn’s niece, Sarah. We rolled into Emerald Isle Thursday evening after a fourteen hour drive and the fun began!

The groom and buds had been fishing that day and brought home a load of keepers. With four houses full of family and guests, there were plenty of mouths to feed! Friday was a beach day complete with volleyball tournament. As evening approached, we held the formal wedding rehearsal, outlining in the sand how we thought things would be set up.

Saturday morning dawned with showers but they soon stopped and the day only improved from there on. The crew set up on the beach while the wedding party primped and prepped.

The ceremony was awesome. Sarah wrote most of it (with a little editing help from John) and it was really quite nice. Traditional in format, it included a “Sand Ceremony” that was a real center point. Sarah and Jordan had carefully prepared with an engraved glass bottle and customized cork – they’ll cherish these items forever.

Of course, there were many pictures to be taken after the ceremony. The weather cooperated with striking clouds and an incoming tide that was just the topping on the beautiful venue.

Of course, a reception to be remembered followed. There was a smoked pig, toasts, keg stands, hula dancers, cornhole, and everything you could ever want in a wedding celebration. It was epic.

As the reception wound down, we all moved back to the beach for a late night firework display under the full moon. Though that would have been a perfect finale, there were those among us who chose to party into the wee hours and make the most of the glorious event!  “Rise up and see the moon!”

Sunday was pretty much a total waste as we recovered from the excesses and reveled in the beauty of what was. We saw videos, cleaned up, enjoyed the beach once more, and prepared for the return home. Up early on Monday, we were home late with tired muscles, full hearts, and awesome memories of Sarah and Jordan’s magnificent union ceremony and a family celebration we’ll never forget.

Nutty Nuptials

Posted: April 6, 2008 in Family, Weddings

Over the first weekend of April, we participated in the wedding of John’s running buddy, Thor. The previous month we’d hosted the Stag Run bachelor party – so of course we’d get to help with the wedding too! In fact, that ball had begun rolling back at Christmas when Ironboy and his fiance, Heather, had asked John to officiate at the wedding.

We know what you’re thinkin’… And frankly, we didn’t realize he could do it either. But as it turns out, at least in Massachusetts, with a flattering reference and an application to The Governor, one can be granted authority to do such things!  So, in February, John’s license to solemnize arrived…

So on a rainy Friday night, John trucked out to Stow to participate in the rehearsal. After many laughs and a little bit of practice, the wedding party retreated to the Horseshoe Pub where Shawn and the boys joined in the festivities. There was a lot of fun getting to know each other and they could have partied all night but… There were big responsibilities the next day!

The wedding day dawned a bit dark and damp. But there was no way the weather was gonna put a damper on this event. For weeks, John had been practicing his imitation of The Impressive Clergyman and he was ready to put it to use!

As the ceremony began, John’s first word was “Mawage!!”  He then followed with a much more conventional ceremony that, by all accounts, was lovely. Heather and Thor created the ceremony and wrote and presented their own vows.  There wasn’t a dry eye in the house!!

The party that followed was one for the ages!! Toasts. Beer. Dancing. Jokes. It lasted into the wee hours and left many a casualty. Breakfast with the families was a parting pleasure before we headed home with warmed hearts, fuzzy heads, and great memories.

Mom and the boys looked great and the running pals, both real and imaginary, were there as well!

Good luck Heather and Thor! Thanks for letting John and all of us be part of your special day! (Many more pictures from the wedding can be seen here.)

A few highlights from the ceremony:

First words of The Officiant…

Mawage… (long pause) is a serious endeavor. It’s not a venture to be taken lightly or entered into without due consideration.

The Definition of Marriage…

But you must also remember that your young marriage will be precariously balanced – as a child walking for the first time on two legs… …as it grows and your marriage gains experience and builds agility, that child will run… And bike. And swim. And dance and leap with joy!

From Thor’s vows…

Heather, at mile 80 of a long bike ride, some people find a world of hurt. What I found one day, high in the hills of Pennsylvania, was a deep, enduring love set on the foundation of your amazing support… My Edelweiss, I love you.

From Heather’s vows…

With you I feel that anything is possible. And no matter what happens, we can make it through together… Thor, as I stand here before you ready to be your wife, know this; you have my heart.

The pronouncement…

And now, by the power momentarily vested in me by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, I pronounce you husband and wife. You may now kiss the bride…

From John’s reception toast…

Another wedding night tradition [that you may wish to consider], was the ‘salmon leap’. The ‘salmon leap’, was supposedly the traditional way the groom joined his bride in the wedding bed. The groom would crouch on the floor at the end of the bed and then spring into it in a single leap, imitating a spawning salmon. If the fish are jumping tonight, Heather, I’d swim to the edge of the river….

Stag Run

Posted: March 23, 2008 in Running, Weddings

John’s buddy Thor is getting married in April.  In lieu of a traditional bachelor party, Thor decided he wanted to run one more marathon as a single guy. He’s been on this “Marathon a Month” streak for about a year and half and needed one for March anyway so… How about a “Stag Run”?

Well sure enough, we offered to host and it got organized. A four loop course was planned, invitations were sent, and on Friday evening, Thor and John drove around town painting arrows on the roads.

Saturday morning dawned clear and crisp and, after a stirring rendition of the National Anthem and a stunning fly-over, 10 runners lit out from the Intorcio place on the first 10 mile loop.  As each loop was completed, a few runners would drop out and a few new runners would join in to keep Thor company. Here’s the crowd just before loop 3 (Thor’s on one knee in front with his fiance heather, in the light blue jacket, just behind him)…

And sure enough, just four hours and thirty-two minutes after he started, having had thirty or so runners join him through the day, Thor chugged into our driveway and broke the finish line tape, a bit weary, but still wearing a big grin on his face.

A celebration ensued, many beers were drank, and many stories told. What a great way to spend a Saturday!!!  Congratulations Thor!!