Spring Sports 2014

Posted: June 30, 2014 in Sports

It was a tale of two sports for Jake this spring. Some of his buddies talked him into going out for the Lacrosse team. So, never one to shy from a challenge, Jake decided to give it a shot.

With snow still on the ground, Jake set up a rebound board in the driveway and began practicing with the stick. He’d barely held a lacrosse stick before this year so many tosses went astray and there were many balls buried in the snow. But, after a bit, he began to get the hang of it.

Jake’s coaches placed him as a defensive midfielder where he could use his speed to stay with opponents’ attackers and to deliver the ball back upfield on a turnover. He took the field for the first time in a pre-season tournament in Woburn with borrowed equipment and only a vague sense of what was going on. He got burned once or twice but, for the most part, held his own.

Jake played most of the season with the JV’s, developing his skills and becoming a valuable player on both ends of the field.

Jake did get in some Varsity games including their playoff run in the MIAA tournament.

Jake really enjoyed the game and expects to play the whole year on the varsity team in his Senior year! No doubt that his speed and athletic ability will be an asset to the team!

Of course, over at the soccer pitch, Jake continued to play Striker for his club team. Their spring season began with an absolutely freezing tournament in New Hampshire. Kickoff temperature for the first game on March 1 was 5° F!

There was another spring tournament or two and than the regular season New England Premiership games. They’d finish third of eight teams in their bracket and proceed to the NEP Open Tournament.

The Mad Dog Mania tournament in Saratoga capped the season. A beautiful if slightly warm weekend made for some great play and good fun!

Hats off to the Knights!


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